Before Language is an installation and performative narrative telling the story of adapting to a new environment and thought faced with the limitations of language and appropriation.

On view in person or via live stream 12-6pm Tuesday through Sunday.
Closing reception Sunday July 7th 3PM – 6PM

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
LA Ca 90031
Current Residency

Amanda Maciel Antunes will be in residency at Shoebox Projects ( to perform and install this durational work during a time frame of three weeks June 17th – July 7th. The work will be broadcast live on social media platforms throughout my residency.

Link to follow live stream:

All are welcome to visit the gallery during this residency, open to public hours are 12-6pm Tuesday thru Sunday while performance and installation unfolds. You may or may not be asked to participate. Tasks will be offered to those online watching and those who come see it in person.

About Before Language:
This work takes into consideration the system of language and behavior, combined with interpretation and intervention, and reconstitutes the room the artist occupies. It’s a continuation of a previous project titled Autopsychography where the artist translated the poem Autopsicografia by Fernando Pessoa in five different languages, and it was re-translated back to its original, Portuguese. This new iteration of the work adds twenty-four new language translations of a poem, along with a period of substantial study of the continuity of anthropological investigation of the man before language and communication. The artist uses her perception of the definition of language as myth, and the facts of the mind that manifest itself into matter.

The installation includes but not limited to: video, sound, movement, assemblage, drawing and sculpture.

About Shoebox Projects:
Shoebox Projects is an alternative art space located at the Brewery Artist Community near DTLA.

You can find more about the work and upcoming projects in the current Art & Cake Profile by Genie Davis:

2nd Annual Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival
Saturday June 22, 2019
12 noon to 5 pm

Blue Roof Studios
7329 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90003

Blue Roof Studios Announces the Second Annual Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival

(Los Angeles) Blue Roof Studios is pleased to announce the second annual Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival, Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 12 noon-5pm. The Festival celebrates the summer solstice while highlighting the richness and diversity of the arts in South Los Angeles and beyond. It reflects Blue Roof Studio’s commitment to fostering and amplifying creativity, connection, and inclusion within the community.

Free and open to the public, the day will offer contemporary street performance, mural painting, traditional African master drummers, outdoor and indoor art installations, resident artists’ open studios, a video screening, art-making workshops and culinary arts.

Blue Roof Studios and festival founder Galia Linn describes the vision of the festival, “Engaging in exploration of the seemingly impossible, as art does, amplifies the creative forces of a community.”

Last June, the Festival featured over 100 artists: visual artists, musicians, dancers and performers. It drew 450 attendees from the surrounding community and beyond, who came to view the exhibitions, participate in workshops, sample the array of food offered, shop in the art bazaar and experience the performances.

Art installations will include EPHEMERA, a group show curated by Mario Ezquita under the direction of Jill Moniz in the Blue Roof Studios sanctuary and selected outdoor public spaces. Let me eat cake, a multi-media group show of Los Angeles based artists curated by Kristine Schomaker will be presented in the project room. In addition, Blue Roof Studios resident artists Galia Linn, Diana Magui, Adele Kandarian, Terri Klass, Jacqueline Palafox, Cole James, and Sarah Gail Armstrong will open their studios for the event.

This year Blue Roof Studios invites LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) to present two Frame Rate programs as part of the Festival.

On June 20 LAND and Blue Roof Studios will exhibit Carolina Caycedo’s film Apparitions (a video produced for her recent show at the Huntington Library,) and on June 22 Cole James’ audio Southern Sound will be played during the festival. In addition, Blue Roof Studios resident artists Beverly Morrison, Galia Linn, Adele Kandarian, Terri Klass, Jacqueline Palafox, Cole James, and Sarah Gail Armstrong will open their studios for the event.

Art making workshops will include; a clay workshop by artist Beverly Morrison, a recycled materials art workshop organized by Barnsdall Arts, Books that Breathe by Cole James, chalk drawing by Amanda Maciel Antunes and participatory mural painting on the outside of the building with Arts Bridging the Gap. Blue Roof Studios is also pleased to announce the following institutional partnerships bringing a variety of workshops to the festival this year, including the California African American Museum, Vincent Price Art Museum, El Segundo Museum of Art UCLA Visual and Performance Arts Program, and Self Help Graphics and Art. The local Ascot Library will be on site for children’s storytelling. The City of Los Angeles, office of the City Clerk – Election Division will conduct tabling for voter education and registration.

Live music and performances will be provided throughout the day by returning musicians Joaquin Romero /DJ Wordamouph and Aboubacar Kouyate leading a participatory drum circle, as well as a dance performance by Nehara Kalev. Allison M Keating of Wild Art Group will present a tiny toy theater performance Finally, a Play about Joy.

The Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival is funded in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs Art Activation Fund, CANNDU/Empower LA, LACI CleanTech incubator, Zefr, The Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation, and the generous support of friends of Blue Roof Studios. Additional support is provided by Bardo LA, Shoebox PR, California African American Museum, and On Broadway Tattoos.

Founded in 2016 by artist Galia Linn, Blue Roof Studios is a multidisciplinary art hub
located in South Los Angeles. It offers a place for artists to work in an environment that
fosters creativity, community and hosts events that promote dialogue with artists and the public.

For more information, please visit
email: Allison M. Keating
Follow us on: Facebook and
Instagram: @blueroofstudios


Call for Handmade Art Books!
Deadline July 21st

Title of show to be determined

Curated by Kristine Schomaker

Shoebox Projects at the Brewery
660 South Avenue 21 #3 Los Angeles Ca 90031

Opening Reception September 1st 3-6pm
On view through September 22nd with a closing 3-6pm
By Appointment

Drop off/pick up dates and times tbd. All work must be dropped off/picked up in person. We do not accept mailed in work.

I am looking for unique, original, hand-made Art Books. (see samples below)
Any medium!!
May hang, sit on a shelf or the ground. Be creative.
Size- smaller than 24 inches in any direction
I am looking for art books, not sketch books.

We will have white gloves at the entrance so people may look through the books. We will have signs through out that these are delicate and should be handled gently.

Artist gets 60% of sales. 40% goes to gallery/curator for PR and exhibition expenses.

Please send:
1. Up to 3 separate works to
2. In email, include your name, title, medium, size, price
3. On jpeg include your name and title
4. A short paragraph about the book. Tell me about the subject, content, why you created it, what it means to you, etc.
5. Please send GOOD quality photos with up to 3 detail shots of various pages.


Deadline July 21st
(This gives you time to create a new art book! Have fun!)

I have a vision in mind for the show and limited space, so please keep that in mind if your work isn’t chosen. I love looking at new work and look forward to seeing what you submit.

About Shoebox Projects
Shoebox Projects is an alternative art space located at the Brewery Artist Community near DTLA. Our programming includes artist-in-residence, exhibitions, special programming and more. We are happy to offer space to artists with interesting, important, edgy projects. Keep an eye out for our call for proposals once a year. We do not except submissions on a regular basis. We are open during opening receptions, artist talks and by appointment only. We do not have regular hours unless specially noted.

About Kristine Schomaker
KRISTINE SCHOMAKER is an Art Historian and multidisciplinary artist living and working at the Brewery artist complex in Los Angeles, California. She earned her BA in Art History and MA in Studio Art from California State University at Northridge where she studied under Betty Ann Brown and Samantha Fields. In 2014 Kristine founded Shoebox PR aimed at helping artists gain a presence in the art world.

Kristine is also the publisher of Art and Cake a contemporary L.A. Art magazine reviewing shows, interviewing art influencers and covering art world events that will impact how the Los Angeles art scene will be remembered. Kristine has taught art history at Antelope Valley College and Pasadena City College, formed an artist collective in Los Angeles and has organized and curated numerous art exhibitions throughout Southern California. She is currently social media manager for the Brewery Artwalk Association and Communications Director on the board of the CSUN Arts Alumni Association.

On Success: Tips for Artists

For whatever your definition of success is


Shoebox PR’s manifesto for surviving in the Art World

Find your community or make one
Patience and perseverance
Be easy to work with
Follow Directions
Show Up!
Get Involved
Generosity begets Generosity
Be brave
Be authentic
Make bad art (Thanks Kiel!)
Read/Research – keep looking at art and keep learning about art
Have meaningful experiences
produce good quality and original work
Learn to say no
Don’t be afraid to ask, you may get a yes
“The Only Rule is Work”
You be you – Stay true to your vision and yourself
Compete only with yourself
Keep working (hard)
Stay humble
Consider your endgame (goals, goals, goals)
Be open to the twists and turns on your career path
You can’t sell art if you don’t show your art
Learn to live with rejection. It is not you, it’s them.

Practical info for artists:

Have the best photos possible of your work for submissions
– No reflections, angles, shadows
– make sure the coloring in the photo matches the actual artwork

Use Facebook and Instagram to its fullest potential

Have a mailing list and send out newsletters quarterly

Check your emails/texts/FB messages daily and answer immediately, especially if it pertains to your work.

Have your work ready to hang when dropping it off at the gallery AND have all of the info/paperwork signed and filled out.

Meet Deadlines and promote the shows you are in on social media and in your newsletters.

Support your artist friends, galleries, institutions either by going to the openings, visiting/studio visits during business hours or following and engaging on social media.

Build a large body of work(s) for several shows. Be ready when you are invited to show.

Start a blog on your website to help drive people to your website.

Surround yourself with supportive people

Perfect your elevator speech about your work. Learn to talk about your art in an easy and articulate manner. Be honest, humble, meaningful. Be a storyteller for your work.

Once you set a price for your work, you can never lowe that price. be responsible when pricing your work. Do you want to get it out into the world or keep it close to the vest and only sell limited pieces for more money?

Business outreach is critical – be proactive and follow-up

Have all of your supporting materials, CV, BIO, Artist Statement ready to go at a moments notice. If you don’t have a professional artist statement, hire someone to write it.

Make it easy to buy – have a square reader with you at all times, or venmo AND a price list on your phone. When someone asks you for a price, you can easily look it up.

Pay attention to detail

elegy Orange – a lily for jo cox

Jeffrey Sklan presents images of rich beauty and loss in his botanical series, ELEGY, opening at Kopeikin Gallery June 22nd in Los Angeles. The exhibition, which runs through June 27th, features astonishingly detailed photographic images of flowers in tribute to victims and survivors of mass killings and murders.

The gallery is located in the Culver City Arts District at 2766 S La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Jeffrey Sklan presents ELEGY, an exhibition focusing on floral photographic images in a radiant and transformative collection paying tribute to lives lost in mass killings and murders.

Opening Saturday, June 22nd at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, Sklan’s inspiring works expand the boundaries of photographic still life with their lush and evocative depictions of natural beauty. In each image, he draws viewers into the singular world that his artwork represents.

First on view at Photo LA in January, the series draws from the solace the artist finds in the beauty of flowers, the moving poignancy of their all-too-short existence, and their use in memorials for the departed. Using a rich color palette that originated with his admiration for artists such as Velasquez and Rembrandt, Sklan creates depths to his work that resonate with inner light.

He has previously created other floral series, but in ELEGY, he is “paying tribute,” the loveliness of his images serving as a rumination on how all too quickly the beauty of life can be lost. The work has a graceful, deeply spiritual nature that belies the violent reason for its creation. His initial image, “Lily for Orlando,” was “literally created as the crime scene from the Pulse Nightclub was playing out in June 2016. There was no intention of it being anything but a one-off,” Sklan explains. But a month later, 87 people were killed celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. “The enormity of it resulted in another image. And — a project took form,” Sklan says. Recently added pieces memorialize Parkland student Sydney Aiello, Nipsey Hussle, and worshippers in both Sri Lanka, and Poway, Calif.

Sklan describes his most successful images as capturing emotional content to spark a visceral reaction, and reflect what the artist was feeling or thinking, as the shutter released. “I seek to memorialize the essence of what is before me.”

The exhibition is designed to be a traveling show, and Sklan hopes ELEGY will find new venues for exhibitions, defraying shipping and installation costs through print sales, so that “even more people can view it, and, ideally, inspire people to remedy the wrongs they perceive in the communities where they live.”

He notes “The message is simple: we are each, in our own way and according to our capacity, capable of effecting change.”

About Jeffrey Sklan

Jeffrey Sklan is a Los Angeles-based photographic artist shaping images that revere nature, the human experience, color, and natural beauty. He has exhibited at PhotoLA in 2016, 2017, and 2019; his limited edition fine art prints are in the homes of private collectors nationwide. The show at Kopeikin will serve as a proving ground for ELEGY, an exhibition which Sklan hopes will travel to many cities.

Sklan will be present at Kopeikin through the day starting at 12 noon on June 22nd. The opening day reception runs from 6-8 p.m.

For more information, visit

About Kopeikin Gallery

Kopeikin Gallery is dedicated to presenting thought-provoking contemporary photography and art. Founded in 1991, the internationally recognized gallery has offered a wide range of photography exhibitions from Diane Arbus to Lee Friedlander, Chris Jordan, and Jill Greenberg.

The gallery is located at 2766 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

For more information, visit

ELEGY runs June 22 – 27, 2019.

A Lily for Sutherland Church, 5 November 2017, 28 deaths, gunfire

Karen Hochman Brown

Solo Exhibition

June 11 – July 6, 2019
Opening Reception — June 15 • 5 – 8 pm
Artist Walkthrough — June 29 • 11 am

TAG Gallery
5458 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Gallery Hours:Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm

“I grew up in Santa Barbara and have long had an obsession with people-watching at the beach. Of course I, too, am exposing myself to those who might want to ogle me, yet I do not feel as though I am being observed. I am just one of many enjoying private moments in a very public place. At the shore, I am able to escape the many social norms that confine my behavior. It is the water and the salt air and the sand between my toes that allow me to literally and figuratively strip away my bonds and be free of the mask of daily life. I return to a mental space closer to my natural inclinations. In Anonymous@theBeach, I explore the paradox of seeing and being seen by the multitudes, while still maintaining a sense of privacy.”

Karen Hochman Brown is a photography-based digital artist living in Los Angeles. She uses a graphic synthesizer software program to create custom virtual-paintbrushes, changing settings of endless parameters that react to a visual reference. The brushstrokes are applied one by one based on information such as shape, color, orientation and luminance. In this process, she is not limited to using photographs for reference and can venture into a world of totally algorithmic creations. Results can mimic natural painting styles or come off as purely graphic. In addition to 2-D works, the artist processes images over time to develop animations.

In her solo show Anonymous@theBeach, Karen Hochman Brown features digitally synthesized artworks and animations that show a world where the seen and unseen collide. Figures are perforated allowing the background to show through. Background and foreground interplay as the subjects melt into nothingness.

Anonymous@theBeach will also feature an interactive installation made for the social media age that speaks to the paradox of staying private while presenting publicly, extending the concept of exposure beyond the graphic work.

With an abstract representation of a crowded day at the shore as a backdrop, a variety of playful props will give patrons the ability to create and post selfies that insure anonymity.

In this age of social media, we grapple with versions of ourselves that we put out into the world. Fear of missing out tugs at our egos as we tell the world stories that exaggerate and glamorize us above the mundane. We present ourselves in a highly curated manner.

It may be the time has come for pushback against these fabrications, forwarding a desire to show ourselves more realistically. However, doing so leaves us in a vulnerable place, open to trolls eager to subvert even the most benign postings. Yet we are drawn to the brief burst of fame that comes with a flurry of likes and thumbs-up reactions. Our whole self-worth can be propelled or defeated by feedback to a single exposure, but we still strive for that recognition.

At Anonymous@theBeach, patrons will have the unique opportunity to satisfy both the desire for recognition and anonymity at the same time, existing simultaneously as the observed and the observer.

Nurit Avesar: In Your World
Solo Exhibition

June 1 – June 30, 2019

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 1st, 2019 3-6 pm

Mike Kelly Gallery, Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd., Venice, California 90291


Facebook event:

Nurit Avesar’s dynamic new work is a powerful statement about the delicate fragility of the environment and the way of life as we know it.
Avesar’s process involves sanding and juxtaposing multiple layers. Shana Nys Dambrot explains “her surfaces have the curious visual quality of grave-rubbings, in which content emerges in layers, as long-hidden ideas are excavated before one’s eyes. By embedding wire mesh into the thick pigment, she gives the paintings further dimensionality as objects.”

Born and raised in Israel, Avesar moved to LA in her early twenties. She earned a MASTER OF ART in Studio Art from California State University Northridge. Her recent exhibitions include the Carnegie Museum in Oxnard, a two-woman show at Shoebox Projects, a solo show at the Neutra Institute Museum and Gallery in Silverlake and the Brand Library and Art Gallery in Glendale.