Route, Rut, Lane: A Karkhana Collaboration

Opening reception Friday October 12th 7-9pm
Open during the Brewery Artwalk October 13th and 14th 11-6pm

Route, Rut, Lane: A Karkhana Collaboration is a contemporary conceptual mixed – media project that was inspired by the historical Mughal workshop that produced elaborate miniatures. A select group of 8 artists (S. Portico Bowman, Carlyn M. Clark, Johnny Fox, Margaret Lazzari, Luke Reichle, Chris Russell, Caryl St Ama, Nancy Kay Turner), diverse in age, geography and artistic practice, worked solo on each piece before sending it on to fellow collaborators.

While the content was not planned, the works developed as commentaries on personal, social and religious conditions of today. The group developed a surprisingly consistent mixed- media aesthetic since the project originated in January 2018.

The project culminates with this show at The Shoebox Projects, which will be on view during the upcoming Brwery Artwalk and Open Studios on October 13 and 14.



Kate Carvellas
“Reliquary for an Assemblage Artist”

Reception September 16th 3-6pm

The Closet in Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
Los Angeles Ca 90031

The Closet is a part of The Shed Collective

Reliquary – “a container or shrine in which sacred relics are kept” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Kate Carvellas deploys the concept of reliquary to elevate the often discarded and disused objects she incorporates in her assemblage artworks. Doing so, she endows her collected urban detritus with new life and new meanings.

Kate Carvellas is an artist who works in assemblage, sculpture and mixed-media abstract paintings. In 2004, Carvellas began creating thematic collages using imagery from various magazines and other mass media sources. A couple of years later, she expanded into three-dimensional assemblage, creating sculptures out of found objects. Later, she started leaving her own marks on the work, eventually segueing into abstract paintings. Most recently she has been combining found objects into her paintings and sculptures. Carvellas has received various awards including Awards of Merit (53rd Annual Bold Expressions Art Exhibit in Carmichael, CA) and Best in Show – 3rd Place (FRESH Exhibit at South Bay Contemporary – 2014), and in 2018 her assemblage, “My Soul Is Not for Sale” was purchased for the Lancaster Museum of Art and History’s permanent collection.

Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass
Solo Exhibition

“Sugar Coated”

Opening Sunday September 23rd 3-6pm
Artist Talk Sunday October 6th 2-4pm
On view through October 7th

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
LA Ca 90031

Current Residency

My current body of work explores the term “sugar coated” in which reality is obscured by making something superficially attractive. My paintings examine today’s social and political climates in an era of “fake news” and political correctness where nothing is as it seems. Even daily life is depicted in a series of perfectly posed selfies on social media.

By mixing pop imagery and classic iconography, I draw the viewer into an enticing world of sugary sweets. Guilty pleasures are portrayed in a vibrant world of bold imagery. “Sugar Coated” delves into society’s complex emotions around sugar, and more specifically, mass marketed candy. Sugar seduces our senses from sight to smell to taste, but not without consequences ranging from obesity to addiction. Can we truly experience pleasure without pain?

Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass is a Los Angeles born painter who received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her work depicts the psychology of the mind’s inner conflicts and struggles, portrayed through her figures’ outward appearance and gestures. She often emphasizes the psychological drama with a monochromatic, Film Noir feel in order to examine what makes us tick. Her large, figurative paintings have a climactic, narrative quality with a focus upon emotional suspense, with each glance suggesting a passion or crime.


Alice Marie Perrault
Artist in Residence, Shoebox Projects

Reception Sunday September 16th 3-6pm
A.I.R. August 27th to September 16th

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
LA Ca 90031

Current Residency

All The King’s Men

I am applying a common nursery rhyme to my recurring narrative between nature, science and civics. Mixed media, both natural and synthetic, speaks best for me to have this conversation due to the varied natures of the materials. These include paint, wood, metal and plastic. Many are medical necessities from my intimate, daily rituals in caretaking within a domestic, yet medically fragile setting. It is from this perspective that I work.

Knowledge of death is fodder for all human adult behavior, be that behavior just or unjust in the wavering landscapes of judgment. Our strengths are products of human fragilities that stretch limitations. And most limitations are self-imposed, often influenced by outside agencies.

During my residency at Shoebox Projects I will reduce these ideas to form through new arrangements. My intention is to transform physical and mental challenges from weaknesses to strengths. With this installation, I hope to slow people down enough to quiet their noise and offer, through a bit of absurdity, the opportunity to “hear” something they may not have before.

Shoebox PR is a boutique marketing agency specializing in contemporary artists, events and exhibitions. Our artists show considerable talent and have the drive to build a successful career in the arts. Just over two years old, Shoebox is the fastest growing arts marketing agency in the Los Angeles area.

As part of our mission to introduce our clients to the art world, Shoebox PR is expanding and reorganizing. While Shoebox PR will continue to provide stellar quality marketing and promotion services to our clients, we are proud to introduce Art and Cake, a contemporary art blog that focuses on the LA art scene. The former Shoebox PR blog focused strictly on our clients, Art and Cake will widen that focus to include all that is new and exciting in the LA contemporary art scene. We want to reach a broader audience to highlight the amazing energy of contemporary art in our city.

Also under development is a new experimental project space that will give emerging artists the opportunity to develop and show experimental work. Opening in November, Shoebox Projects will have a physical space at the Brewery Art Community. The gallery will host a solo show by Los Angeles Artist Tony Pinto as our inaugural exhibition.

Both Shoebox PR and Art and Cake will operate under the umbrella of the newly-formed company, Shoebox Projects. Headed by Director, Kristine Schomaker, Shoebox Projects will be a vehicle for building artist reputations and exciting interest in LA’s contemporary arts.

Tony Pinto
Tony Pinto