Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 5

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 5

“Call and Response” is a project organized by Kristine Schomaker, Sheli Silverio, S. Vollie Osborn, Emily Wiseman and Susan T. Kurland of Shoebox PR/Art and Cake.

Drawing on the tradition of Jazz and Exquisite Corpse, this project is meant as a way for us to stay connected, to check in with each other and to support each other. This is collaboration at a distance.

Please join us for the opening reception of the online exhibition via zoom Saturday August 8th, 3-5pm pst.

Featured Artists:

Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja/Dena Novak, Anita Sinclair/David Forlano, Ann Storc/Catherine W Singer, Arzu Arda Kosar/Galina Kovshilovsky, Ashira Siegel Fox/June Stoddard, Beanie Kaman/Maria Sathaliya, Brooke Metcalfe/Kate Lutzner, Dellis Frank/Jason Hadley, Diana Nicholette Jeon/Aazam Irilian, Emily Wiseman/Rochelle Shicoff, Eva-Marie Amiya/Adrienne Cole, Faina Kumpan/Joe Price, Francisco Alvarado/Brenda Oelbaum, Genie Davis/Susan T Kurland, Heather E. Dunn/Anne M Bray, Ibuki Kuramochi/Sean-Michael Gettys, Jamia Weir/Kate Joiner, Jason Jenn/Elaine T Nguyen, Kayla Cloonan/Michelle Lopate, Kimberlee Koym-Murteira/Shari Palidino, Lina Kogan/Robyn Alatorre, Lya Nagado/Corinne Lightweaver, Madeline Arnault/Andrea Nhuch, Martin Cox/Kristine Schomaker, Michal Greenboim/Kerrie Smith, Pascha Goodwin/Nancy Kay Turner, Sarah Lofthouse/Jody Zellen, Shaney Watters/Michele Mekele, Sina Evans/Meaghan Miller Lopez, Sofia Alexiou/Nancy Good, Sue Cutler/Kristyn Lee, Susan Osborn/Angela Brooks, Thomas jones/Lorraine Bubar

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round #1 can be seen here Round 2 can be seen here Round 3 can be seen here and Round #4 can be seen here

Round 6 is open for participation through August 9th at 4pm pst. Info on how to submit is here

Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja and Dena Novak

Andrea Nhuch and Madeline Arnault

Angela Brooks and Susan Osborn

Ann Storc and Catherine Singer

Arzu Adra Kosar and Galina Kovshilovsky

Ashira Siegel Fox June Stoddard

Beanie Kaman and Maria Sathaliya

Brooke Metcalfe and Kate Lutzner

David Forlano and Anita Sinclair

Dellis Frank and Jason Hadley

Elaine T Nguyen and Jason Jenn

1 Jason Jenn

2 Elaine T Nguyen

Emily Wiseman and Rochelle Shicoff

Eva-Marie Amiya and Adrienne Cole

Faina Kumpan and Joseph Price