Alice Marie Perrault | All The King’s Men at Shoebox Projects

Alice Marie Perrault | All The King’s Men at Shoebox Projects


Alice Marie Perrault
Artist in Residence, Shoebox Projects

Reception Sunday September 16th 3-6pm
A.I.R. August 27th to September 16th

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
LA Ca 90031

Current Residency

All The King’s Men

I am applying a common nursery rhyme to my recurring narrative between nature, science and civics. Mixed media, both natural and synthetic, speaks best for me to have this conversation due to the varied natures of the materials. These include paint, wood, metal and plastic. Many are medical necessities from my intimate, daily rituals in caretaking within a domestic, yet medically fragile setting. It is from this perspective that I work.

Knowledge of death is fodder for all human adult behavior, be that behavior just or unjust in the wavering landscapes of judgment. Our strengths are products of human fragilities that stretch limitations. And most limitations are self-imposed, often influenced by outside agencies.

During my residency at Shoebox Projects I will reduce these ideas to form through new arrangements. My intention is to transform physical and mental challenges from weaknesses to strengths. With this installation, I hope to slow people down enough to quiet their noise and offer, through a bit of absurdity, the opportunity to “hear” something they may not have before.

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