Offering support, mentorship, marketing and management to visual artists

What We Do

Shoebox PR is a support network for artists based in Los Angeles, CA.

Founded and run by artists, we get it.

We know what artists need to build a history and create a presence in the art world.

Our mission is to Cultivate Community and Empower Artists to Build a sustainable art practice.

We are facilitators, problem solvers and idea people bringing resources and tools to inspire, empower and educate artists.

We specialize in artist management, social media strategies, mentorship, critique, goal setting, community building, institutional relationships, marketing and PR.

Our programs include monthly/bi-monthly consultations/studio visits, mentorship and coaching, a monthly artist meet-up, a bi-weekly call for art/grants/residency list, an exclusive Facebook support group, meetings with art professionals, social media pr and support, press support and more.

Contact us for a full menu of services and to see how we can work together


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