What We Do


Shoebox PR is a support network for artists: A coach, mentor, adviser, teacher. We are a facilitator, connecting you with the larger art community to help you achieve your individual goals.

Shoebox PR is building a network of select visual artists who are passionate about their practice and ready to move forward in their careers. We specialize in helping talented contemporary artists build a history and create a presence in the art world.

Founded and run by artists, we know what you need to get ahead.

It’s never been harder to be an artist than in this age of digital communication. A successful artist needs to be everywhere both in real time and online to get their name known. We recognize it’s nearly impossible for an artist today to do all that networking, earn a living and still find time for studio work.

See the full list of our service packages below, contact us today and we will help you pick the service that suits your needs.

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We also offer one-on-one consultations, studio visits and coaching. If you would like to move forward, let’s set up a phone consultation and we can talk more.



Our Services


Artist Management

Shoebox PR is building a network of select visual artists who are passionate about their practice and ready to move forward in their careers. We specialize in helping talented contemporary artists create a presence in the art world. Our artist management package focuses on marketing and promotion through social networking strategy, media relations, curator engagement and more. Artists with our management package receive personalized services that allow them to build their network and marketing strategies, but most importantly, as a client of Shoebox PR you will become part of an exclusive community of talented and motivated contemporary artists who will offer support, friendship and guidance as you work towards your goals.

Package includes:

  • Mentoring/Coaching
    • Working with us as a mentor/coach will help you establish goals that will enhance your creative practice and meet your business objectives. Individual consultations with Kristine Schomaker and her team will help you sharpen your career and artistic goals and create a plan for meeting those goals. With individual coaching, your needs will guide the content of the sessions. Kristine has access to many resources and is able to help you pinpoint where your art fits into the LA art conversation. This may include:
      • Studio visits/in office meetings/phone consultations
      • Portfolio review -Assessment and critique of work
      • Marketing practices
      • Social media strategies,
      • Networking/community,
      • Website review,
      • Branding,
      • Building an email list
      • Resume, Artist Statements, Bios, Website, Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures review and edits
    • Gallery recommendations/suggestions/referrals
      • We recommend your work to curators/galleries
      • We let you know of galleries, exhibitions you should check out where you may be a good fit
    • Call for Art/grants/residencies list subscription – every 2 weeks
    • Social media PR
      • We share your events/artwork on our Shoebox PR Facebook and Instagram
      • We will get you started or give you a boost with your Facebook and Instagram accounts. After two weeks of getting you set up and established on social media, we will teach you the right strategies and guide you in the most efficient posting so you can continue getting out there on your social media.
    • Solo exhibition PR
      • including press release and media distribution
      • Calendar event listings for solo exhibitions
      • Posting to regional and art related FB groups


  • We also have a bonus monthly artist meet-up that we host, that you are invited to attend as well as a dedicated Facebook group where we share additional resources, have conversations about the art world and create community with our artists.



Event/Exhibition PR 

When you’re the art event coordinator, you have your hands full of a million little details that all need your attention. If you turn your marketing over to Shoebox PR, you can rest assured that our expert and experienced team will get your event noticed.

Our Exhibition PR includes:

  • Writing press release
  • Press release distribution
    • Targeted: local, national, art and subject related media
  • Calendar Listings – Targeted: regional and art related
  • Social Media Promotion
    • Sharing your event on Shoebox PR’s accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Facebook Groups – Targeted: regional and art related
  • Postcard labels to select list of institutions: Galleries, museums, colleges, non-profits
  • Email newsletter to our list of institutions, curators, galleries.
  • We can run your Facebook Page and Instagram accounts for an additional fee for the duration of the event.


Social Media Event PR 

We can help you get your event noticed on social media. Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we will promote your event across Shoebox PR’s platforms as well as our select list of art and regional Facebook groups. Your event will be seen by our large following of art influencers, curators, gallerists, collectors and more.


Individual Consultation

Skype, Phone, In-office or Studio Visit

Shoebox PR will provide you with critique and assessment of your work to show you where you fit into LA’s art conversation. We will help you establish goals that will enhance your creative practice and meet your business objectives.  Our team will offer you feedback and suggestions on marketing and social media strategies that will help you move your career forward. Our Consultation/Coaching service can be scheduled in our office or in your studio.


Artist Group Workshops

Need to know more about the business side of being an artist? Kristine Schomaker, founder of Shoebox PR and publisher of Art and Cake magazine, helps visual artists create a presence in the art world. An artist and art historian herself, she understands how much the route to success as an artist has changed in the 21st century. Kristine is offering a two-hour Business of Art in the 21st Century workshop to artists looking to improve their standing in the art world. The workshop covers social media, curator engagement, networking strategies and how to balance studio time with your marketing efforts.